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A ‘Silver Guide’ to promote age-friendly Tourism in Greece

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CESES Greek member 50plus Hellas has been involved in a three-year EU-funded project ‘Silver Guide’. The project, which is coming to an end in mid-June, aims to promote age-friendly tourism and attract older travelers with tailored made products. The project outcomes were presented at a final event on June 9 in Athens, Greece.

Α Silver Guide for Silver Tourism

On Friday, June 9, 2023, the research project “Silver Guide” results were presented in Athens, Greece. The Silver Guide tourism multi-tool, developed by the project team, consists of:

  • the SilverGuide Platform (including a Knowledge Base, a self-evaluation Tool for Age-Friendly Tourism, and an Interactive Video-Editor) and 

  • the SilverGuide App to be used by older travelers while traveling to Greece. 

Both tools are based on the results of the SilverGuide Survey conducted with older tourists in Greece.

The innovative platform "SilverGuide", presented for the first time in the Greek market, is a multi-functional and easy-to-use tool, consisting of mutually supported subsystems and applications that provide specialized information, knowledge, education, and services for silver tourism.

The use of the platform, as a tool to support the tourism industry, tourism operators, local authorities, and individual users active in the tourism sector, will lead to the attraction of older travelers in Greece, to more quality service, and to the extension of the tourist season.

The development of the platform reflects real data, desires, needs, and expectations of foreign and Greek silver tourists because it was based on thorough social research conducted for the first time in Greece by the project team, in cooperation with specialized institutions abroad (BAGSO - Germany, WiseAge - UK, 50plus Hellas - Greece, Elephant Learning in Diversity - The Netherlands).

Following the presentation of the innovative products and services offered through the "SilverGuide" platform, a discussion took place with important representatives of the tourism ecosystem, on the possibilities and ways of their utilization in decision-making, in raising awareness among professionals, and in optimizing the infrastructure and development prospects of the untapped, but promising, Silver Tourism in Greece.


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