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A new SES initiative - Creating a welcoming structure for international skilled workers

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Attracting qualified international skilled workers is a key challenge for Germany as a business location. In view of the already glaring shortage and the forecast development in the coming years, this issue is receiving increasing political attention and requires concrete implementation measures based on the Skilled Workers Immigration Act. Well-organised support for interested companies and institutions, concerned administrations as well as individual integration guidance according to linguistic and cultural specifics are needed to welcome skilled workers interested in immigration.

Securing the demand for skilled workers

Successful integration and retention, which encompass both the business and private side of life in the new place of residence and work, are the most important prerequisites for achieving the long-term political goals of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act.

SES can play a central role here. Its strengths:

  • International orientation;

  • Intercultural experience;

  • Professional expertise of about 13,000 registered experts; 

  • Extensive experience in economic guidance and the more than 21,000 individual guidance cases within the VerA initiative (prevention of training drop-outs).

Concrete support offers could be, for example:

  • Support with the recognition procedure;

  • Support in finding accommodation and dealing with the authorities;

  • Networking of the employee and, if applicable, the new employee's partner and children;

  • Support in further education and training and in everyday life.

After a number of successful pilot projects, SES is confident to further expand this initiative and thus contribute to a welcoming culture in Germany. For example, two SES experts, a retired medical couple from Bonn accompanied six young Indian doctors for three months and prepared them for their exams. In another case, SES experts have taken care of foreign senior staff of a construction company.


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