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What We Do

At CESES, we partner senior expert volunteers with organisations in need of expert advice. Specifically, we assist small and medium-size enterprises, industry and agricultural associations, and cooperatives in developing economies and economies in transition, by facilitating the assignment of European-based field experts to them on a temporary and voluntary basis. 


When CESES is contacted by an organisation requesting expert help, we talk to our members, and assign one of their staff with the relevant know-how and expertise. The expert then agrees to take part in a short-term, unpaid, volunteer assignment, in order to share their expertise and industry experience with the receiving organisation.


We believe that through this work, we are contributing both to raising living standards across the developing world, and fostering international trade relations at the same time. Additionally, CESES assignments promote the economic transformation that creates jobs, increases productivity, and fosters sustainable value chains and diversification; including sustainable industrialisation in EU partner countries.

In addition to our international assignments, we work closely with other European initiatives to foster intergenerational mentoring environments, in which our senior expert volunteers work with disadvantaged young people (aged 15-30). This work aims to counteract their marginalisation and social exclusion, and favour their active inclusion into the labour market, and consequently into society. 

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