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Our Strengths and Expertise

Specialised expertise: The experts available to participate in CESES projects represent practitioners in virtually every industry and profession. Our roster currently consists of over 25,000 experts from all over the EU, who are all available at short notice for involvement in CESES assignments. The resulting wealth of international experience enables the capacity to adapt to local requests and conditions - a valuable ability.

Impact: CESES organisations contribute in a cost-efficient way to the achievement of the SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals (economic value of volunteering), and the assignments and projects undertaken by CESES all contribute to combatting poverty in the organisation's sector. Free follow-ups following the completion of assignments and projects ensures the work done by CESES has long-term impact.

Track Record: CESES organisations have experience with several EU funding instruments. Ranging from AL-INVEST (European Union’s flagship programme for SME promotion and support in Latin America), EU SWITCH, Horizon2020, Erasmus+ and of course the NSA-LA (Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development) programme.

Unique Organisation: CESES and its Members are also the stand-alone professional volunteer service advisory instrument in Europe to focus on entrepreneurs in developing countries. Our services are available across the EU and worldwide thanks to the variety of our members, and our unique business model. Our model is also cost-effective - our experts work on an unpaid voluntary basis, receiving only travel and per diems to cover expenses. CESES also receives a small management fee for overhead costs, but remains a non-profit organisation.

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