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Who we are

Abstract Architecture

CESES members each bring unique people, expertise and sector knowledge to the table, herewith combining resources and strengths of senior expert organizations, who for many years have successfully worked on advisory assignments in Europe and worldwide.

We believe intergenerational cooperation and sharing of expertise enrich our society and raise living standards in Europe and in the developing world, thereby also fostering international trade relations with Europe.


CESES assignments in Europe focus on intergenerational projects to share experiences, our assignments outside of Europe cover education, health, non-profit organisations, small and medium-size enterprises, industry and agricultural associations, and cooperatives in developing economies and economies in transition. As we concentrate specifically on these sectors and enterprises, CESES not only avoids overlapping with other aid organisations, but supports a clientele which to date has fallen between established commercial and humanitarian aid projects. We are proudly unique in our structure, motivation, and expertise.

The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services, known as CESES, is an international not-for-profit association of 19 organisations from the member states of the European Union and Switzerland. The first such legal entity of its kind in Europe, it encompasses the skills of over 25,000 volunteers. Combining the vast resources of these organisations, CESES offers professional, voluntary, short-term assistance and advice to enterprises and institutions.

CESES was founded in 2000 and since then has grown to the most important European-wide grouping of experienced volunteers, encompassing the skills and expertise of over 25,000 experts, covering all sectors of the economy, and who make themselves available for our European and overseas, voluntary, assignments.

Our Mission


As an EU confederation allying European member organisations CESES is committed to close cooperation among members in order to reach common goals, to exchange best practice and to learn from each other. CESES does not intend to go into competition with members.

CESES and its member organisations actively put the huge potential of voluntary experts and executives who are either retired or taking some time off work to use in society. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience and promote solidarity between people from different generations, cultures and nations. We strengthen societal, economic and social development and thereby contribute towards raising the standard of living.​​

CESES and its member organisations are committed to upholding the principles of free democracy and the free economic and social order. We see entrepreneurial initiative as a driving force for sustainable development. We value fairness and respect above all, and always seek to maintain an open, trusting dialogue.


We act responsibly towards society. We comply with European Union and international legal standards.


We are committed to the close Cooperation of European Senior Expert Organizations in order to help people to help themselves.

Our Team

Board of Directors
Doris Bandín Abad
Joachim Fronia 
Secretary General
Jacques Van Egten
Gianmaria Scapin 
Board Member
Bernard Boidin 
Board Member
Bernhard Tuchen 
Board Member
Milena Van Not
Board Member
Ismael Paez Civico
Executive Director
Connor Audsley
Project Manager
Anthony Banfield
Communications Officer
Alejandro Duarte
ESC Volunteer

Our Members

Senior Advisors
Andrew Jacobs
Brian Toll
Fransisco Medeiros

Become a MEMBER

Our member organisations play a crucial role in the CESES community by supplying experienced senior volunteers who offer valuable assistance and guidance to organizations and individuals seeking support. These volunteers bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge, helping organizations navigate challenges and achieve their goals effectively.

If your organization is considering becoming a part of CESES as a member, we encourage you to reach out to us. By joining our network, you can tap into a pool of dedicated volunteers and resources that can enhance your organization's impact and success. We look forward to connecting with you soon to discuss the benefits and opportunities that membership in CESES can offer.

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