Confederation of European Senior Expert Services a.i.s.b.l.:

Non-profit international association under Belgian Law, founded in 1998

  • 17 organizations from 12 Member States 
  • Consists exclusively of European Union and Switzerland based Senior Volunteer Service Members; organisations Head Office based in Brussels
  • More than 30.000  senior experts
  • Different languages
  • Technical and managerial competences 
  • Experience in multiple sectors, from administration to industry and services 
  • Multicultural background
  • About 5000 annual international assignments
  • More than 140 countries
  • Short-time assignments
  • Based on a specific request
  • Capacity building, coaching, mentoring
  • Never replacing the local ressources
  • No competition with professionnal European and local consultants
  • To promote the importance and relevance of the volunteer expert contribution to society.
  • To share expertise on intergenerational mentoring and coaching between its Members and Partners.
  • To increase the contribution of our Members to international development programmes through assignments operated by:

    –    The European Commission
    –    The National Governments in the context of resources enhancement
    –    Other International bodies

  • To help eradicate poverty
  • To assist the development of SME’s in Europe and in emerging economies
  • To support and perform intergenerational mentoring and coaching
  • Creating jobs in an inclusive society in Europe and elsewhere

A 2016 study of the European Commission (DG Employment), “ The changing meaning of working age” reminds that 5 million people over 65 are currently in employment, of which 40% not for financial reason, this percentage growing up to 55% among people in this cohort with a high level of education. In Member States for which statistics exist such as France, an average of 18% of volunteers with a degree is active in education, with another 7% intervening in business development and actions for jobs, particularly youth jobs. This shows a strong socio-economic base exists for skilled volunteering.
On another hand if keeping matured people in corporate life is positive for the level of activity it does not necessarily have all the desired positive impact on the economy as youth unemployment doesn’t decrease.
Young unemployment is one of the biggest societal problem Europe is facing and has to solve.
Response to the necessity of not spoiling experience of matured people but making economic gains out of it, while responding to the need of an aging population to stay active, will come certainly in part from easing for senior skilled volunteers to transfer their knowledge and know-how to a younger generation of entrepreneurs.

CESES aims to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and help to create more and better jobs.
As such, it wants to go along the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan that states that: “young people should be encouraged to develop skills through informal and non- formal education”.

Access to expertise of senior skilled volunteers everywhere in the single market through the CESES.EU e-service will allow jobless people, small businesses and wannabe entrepreneurs to complement their knowledge, based on local markets, with international business expertise.